Your iPhone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing?

Do you see that your iPhone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing? This charging problem is a common issue iPhone users face, especially those who have an old iPhone model! Now, there happen to be various reasons that can cause this charging issues in your smart phone.

Keep reading to learn what these issues are and how you can resolve them so that your iPhone device starts to charge again correctly!

Your iPhone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing

Any iPhone expert will tell you that plenty of applications running in the background can drain your phone’s battery really fast. This can be a solid reason why the percentage of your iPhone battery is not increasing even though your phone is showing charging (in other words, your iPhone battery percentage stuck while charging).  The good news for you though is that it is rather easy to check the background running applications. When you close these running applications in your phone, it might solve the charging problem on your iPhone.

The following are some highly effectivetricks and tips that can fix any charging issues on your phone.

  • Update the latest version of your iPhone software
  • Turn off all the notifications that you are receiving from any app that is not important to you
  • Delete all the useless videos, photos or any other redundant media files in your phone
  • Also, delete any extra applications that you do not require
  • Refresh your phone quickly to release the data that has been store in the phone
  • Swipe up on your screen to close all the running apps

These useful tricks can assist in unburdening your iPhone and resolving the charging issue that you are facing. When you remove all the useless data and applications, it can boost the efficiency of your battery. This particular solution works well in majority of the cases where iPhone says charging but not.

Reset your iPhone’s Settings

This solution is actually a great one that can fix the charging problem with your iPhone. Resetting the settings of your phone will only take a couple of minutes and it will not erase any of your media files. Though it is true that your favorite settings alter, it is possible to reset them again. For instance, you will have to reset notifications, wallpaper, home screen and a couple of other small changes.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Head over to the general settings of your iPhone device
  2. Click the reset button, and you will be provided with various options.
  3. Choose “reset all settings”.

After you are done with these steps, connect your charger with your iPhone device and observe the percentage of your battery after a couple of minutes.

Turn on your iPhone’s Airplane Mode

This nifty trick of turning on the airplane mode in your iPhone can solve your charging predicament if it is showing charging but battery percentage not increasing. The data signals might be exhausting the battery of your smart phone.

Keep your phone on Airplane while you charge it. The IPhone’s battery will charge quickly in a relatively short period of time.If there is no hardware problem in your phone, this trick will hopefully solve the charging issue for you!

IPhone is charging but not increasing battery percentage- hardware issues

If your iPhone has been repaired or opened, it is likely that your phone has some internal hardware problem which can result in the charging issue of your smart phone device. The following are some of these common iPhone hardware issues and how you can rectify them to address the “my iPhone says its charging but the percentage is going down” concern:

Missing F11 Component in your iPhone

A missing FL 11 can very well be a key reason why the percentage of your iPhone battery is not increasing. If you are not already aware of what the FL 11 is, it is basically a small sized component that features in the logic board.

This component is an inductor that has a very instrumental role in management of the battery on your iPhone. When it is not present in your phone,it can lead to the issue of your phone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing.

While you disconnect or connect the battery, you might remove or damage the FL 11 accidentally or unknowingly. Its precise location varies in different models of the iPhone. You will be able to confirm the presence of the FL 11 component by getting assistance from various online tutorials.

These are available in abundance online and can be accessed by a simple google search! If the FL 11 component is missing, you need to reach out to an iPhone repairing lab who will fix the issue for you!

Swap your iPhone Battery

If your iPhone model is rather oldand you have been using for a very long time, it is quite likely that the battery of your phonemight have depleted. Thus, if you are wondering “why my iPhone won’t charge but it says it’s charging”, the old battery may very well be the reason!

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It is quite possible that your iPhone’s battery has lived its entire life and now has zero capacity. In this particular scenario, it is imperative to replace your battery of the iPhone.

You may reach out to the official Apple Company to seek a genuine and new battery. You can also replace the battery yourself if you are confident in your skills and can follow the precise steps mentioned in various iPhone tutorials that you can watch online.

That said, if you are not certain, it is probably best to consult a professional for this job. Since you are seeking the support of an expert, you will have peace of mind that her or she will not harm your iPhone device in any way and fix the charging issue in an efficient manner!

Bottom Line

To summarize, there can be multiple reasons why your iPhone is showing charging on the screen but the battery percentage is not going up after you hook the device with the charger.

That said, the good news for you is that this charging issue can be fixed by following the above mentioned strategies. If nothing, you can always take your iPhone to a repair lab who will look into the issue and fix it for you!

I hope this article is helpful if iPhone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing.


Why is my battery percentage not going up?

As mentioned, there can be several reasons why the battery percentage of your iPhone is not going up even though you are charging it. The most common reasons include drainage of your phone battery by background running applications and hardware issues like old battery and missing FL 11 component in your iPhone.

Why is my iPhone not charging?

It is likely that your iPhone is not charging because its battery has worn out and does not have the capacity to charge anymore. This can happen when you have been using your phone and battery for a very long time. In this case, it is recommended that you change your iPhone battery as soon as possible.

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