Top 10 Best Soundbar 2021

Are you not content with the performance of the inbuilt speakers of your television? If that is so- then trust me, you are not alone! Inbuilt speakers have become a dime a dozen these days. What you need to do is find a replacement for these speakers as soon as possible. This is where the best soundbar 2021 comes into the picture!A soundbar is a device that willamplify your audio experience, assist in providing you quality entertainment, and much more than that. With a high-performance soundbar by your side, you never have to rely on any external device ever again!

The best part about buying a soundbar is that you do not have to spend extravagantly to get one. These devices come in various price ranges, and you can opt for the model that best aligns with your budget. In addition, say goodbye to any messy wires. Most of the soundbars available these days are wireless models. All you have to do is connect it to your flat-screen television and you are all set! Grab a bowl of popcorn, sit back on your couch, and let yourself immerse in an extraordinary experience!

So to summarize what we have learned so far- to get the best possible sound quality, you need a soundbar that fires on all cylinders and perfectly complements your television.

That said, before you buy a quality soundbar, you must do your due diligence first and consider some important factors.

Best Soundbar 2021

Things to look for in a Soundbar

There happen to be certain functionalities in soundbars that make your viewing and listening experience a whole lot better! To that end, there are particular things you need to look for in a soundbar before you buy one.

Ø Only a Soundbar or a Woofer to Boot?

Best Soundbar 2021

You must check whether the particular soundbar model you have selected is only a soundbar device or, in fact, a soundbar that comes with a subwoofer.

here is no doubt that a powerful quality soundbar will provide you with deep bass without the need for a separate subwoofer. However, you should know that owning a specially dedicated subwoofer makes matters much better performance-wise.

Keep in mind that a soundbar coupled with a subwoofer will most probably hike its price. This is particularly true if the subwoofer is a wireless model, as these tend to be quite expensive. However, it is often worth getting one if you are looking for more bass and are not keen on having messy and intertwined cables spread across your room.

Ø Wireless Connectivity

Do you seek the ability to directly stream any audio from your soundbar or through your tablet or smartphone? If your answer is “yes,” here are the important factors you ought to be looking for in the best soundbar 2021:

  • Wi-Fi: One category of soundbars these days is wireless soundbars. These come with a Wi-Fi feature, so they connect with the internet network in your home and stream just about anything from any place (TIDAL, Spotify, Pandora, and much more).
  • Bluetooth: The majority of the modern soundbars today (including the best budget soundbars) come with built-in Bluetooth. That makes it easier to stream music from your tablet, smartphone, and computer. Just connect your device with the soundbar via Bluetooth, and you are all set!

Ø Passive and Active Soundbars 

Best Soundbar 2021

There are 2 basic soundbar model types: Passive and Active. The former does not feature any inbuilt power amplifiers and require a separate additional receiver. You will require a separate component, such as a subwoofer. Furthermore, passive soundbar models are more costly than active models, but audio quality is much better in the former. You should consider a passive model if you prefer a custom setup. However, if you are looking for an all-in-one packed together sort of device, an Active soundbar is probably your best bet. Such amplifiers come with channel processors, amplifiers, and everything else, all in a single place.

Ø Size

The soundbar’s size is an important consideration to make when you buy one, be it a budget soundbar or a high range device.

When you talk about the size, it is contingent on whether you would like to position it on a stand or mount it on a wall. In addition, the soundbar’s length should align with the size of your television. If you would like your entire room’s set up to appear great, your soundbar should not be too short or too long when you place it next to the television.

On the other hand, if you prefer to mount your soundbar, generally, any kind of size is usually fine as long as it aligns with your television. That said, if you want to position the soundbar on top of a stand adjacent to your television, then the device has to be shorter than the stand. Just measure the stand or your television with a measuring tape to know how long the soundbar you buy ought to be.

Ø Ease of Use

The ease of use is another crucial thing to look for in a soundbar. There is no denying that investing in an easy to use soundbar is one of the best decisions you will ever make! Watch out for tricky remote controls, particularly, as these usually have hard-to-press and very small buttons that are not at all convenient.

If you are purchasing a large-sized soundbar, it very well may obstruct the signal between your television and your remote control. A soundbar that features in-built IR repeaters solve this issue by forwarding your remote control’s signal to the television. Usually, soundbars that have controls and a display on the device are considerably easier to use. Most of the best soundbar 2021 available in the market these days (including the best budget soundbars) have straightforward LED displays. Such displays allow you to adjust settings of sound and change audio sources if you want.

However, a few of the soundbars can be quite hard to use, and that is a red flag you should watch out for!

2021 Review Guide: Best Budget Soundbar

The following are the detailed reviews of some of the best budget soundbars that you can buy in the market at a competitive price.

SONY Z9F Wireless Sound Bar

SONY Z9F Wireless Sound Bar

The SONY Z9F Wireless Sound Bar is quality and modern soundbar that comes with a wireless subwoofer.

The fantastic setup generates crisp dialogue accurately and clearly. This feature alone will be a big plus point for you if you frequently listen to podcasts. You also have the flexibility to further boost the dialogue with the soundbar’s terrific dialogue enhancement feature. Also, the SONY Z9F soundbar has numerous connectivity options, and it fully supports all of the prevalent audio formats that include Atmos and DTS.

Although the soundbar is slightly lacking when it comes to low-bass, it features a very “complete” sound profile appropriate for most audio files. Even if you prefer a different kind of sound, you can leverage the EQ presets in the soundbar to tailor and improve your listening experience. This particular soundbar produces a very powerful and wide sound and, overall, can get quite loud. That makes the device ideal for large-sized rooms or packed environments such as a dinner party. Nothing elevates your mood better than listening to quality music from a soundbar at a dinner party!

Furthermore, the SONY Z9F Wireless Sound Bar supports eARC, allowing you to play top quality, lossless formats, and surround signals (object-based). What’s more,

you can wirelessly and easily stream music via this soundbar using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Any compatible device will do the job here, such as smartphones and tablets. The soundbar also supports sound formats like DTS coding and Dolby audio plus.


  • Soundbar has a very appealing design.
  • Extremely clear and powerful sound.
  • The wireless subwoofer is very effective.


  • The soundbar does not provide any visual feedback, and you have to rely on the application.


Samsung Harman Kardon Wireless Soundbar HW-Q70R


Harman Kardon Wireless Soundbar HW-Q70R” width=”640″ height=”426″ />

If you desire to receive detailed, rich, and stunning sound, then what you need is the Samsung Harman Kardon Wireless Soundbar HW-Q70R. This soundbar is a class apart and is one of the finer models by Samsung.

With this soundbar, you also get a large-sized top quality wireless subwoofer. With the rich and powerful bass of this subwoofer, you are sure to feel the music’s rhythm and the fierceness of all the action. The soundbar also includes special tuning by Harman Kardon (in case you did not know, this is one of Samsung’s division)

Also, the Samsung Harman Kardon Wireless Soundbar HW-Q70R boasts a couple of upward-firing speakers. These powerful speakers bounce sound waves off the ceiling (in the most literal sense!) and give you the impression that there are overhead channels. Samsung calls this Acoustic Beaming, and it is very productive. That said, if you want to receive the best possible results, you require a flat, low, and reflective ceiling.

The construction’s quality of this soundbar is very impressive and eye-catching, which is another reason this device is one of the best soundbar 2021.

You can see all the connections in this device in the soundbar’s bottom area. These useful connections include an HDMI output, HDMI input, and an optical audio digital input.

Apart from these, there is a USB port as well and an AC power adaptor connector. Moreover, this wireless soundbar HW-Q70R features intelligent functionality that includes SmartThings Networking and Alexa Voice Control. These features combined make buying this soundbar a very smart investment.


  • This soundbar’s configuration process is very simple, and you do not have to rely too heavily on the user manual!.
  • The overall build is durable and of excellent quality.
  • Dynamic and wide quality sound.


  • No eARC support.
  • Limited sound configuration.

Polk Audio Signa S2

Polk Audio Signa S2

Polk Audio is indeed a very reputable brand when you talk about audio equipment and has some fantastic products. Their Polk Audio Signa S2 soundbar bears testimony to this fact!

At its price, this soundbar is a very good upgrade from your regular television speakers when it comes down to listening to audio and watching movies and television shows. The Polk Audio Signa S2 is one of the best budget soundbar 2021 that comes equipped with a quality subwoofer and Dolby Digital decoding, and Polk’s trademarked Voice Adjust technology.

One of the best things about this budget soundbar is that it is just 2 inches tall. As a result, it will not obstruct your television’s remote, and it is still big enough to accommodate some great quality speakers inside. Moreover, Polk Audio Signa S2 has some useful additional features, such as its Bluetooth module. With this feature’s help, you can stream music effortlessly from any compatible device such as smartphones, laptops, etc.

This soundbar also boasts a great Night Mode. This feature reduces the bass while bumping up the dialogue without you having to fiddle with the master volume. In this manner, you can watch a TV show during the nighttime without disturbing anyone else in your household who is sleeping soundly in some other room. The Night Mode allows you to hear all voices and dialogues easily. What’s more, Polk Audio Signa S2 also features an exclusive music mode to change the soundbar’s equalizer settings. As a result, you get a superior audio experience.

All in all, this device is one of the best budget soundbars you can buy in 2021.


  • Excellent and reliable Bluetooth module.
  • The soundbar is easy to afford and does not compromise on quality either.
  • VoiceAdjust technology is great.


  • The length of the soundbar is slightly longer than what you might prefer.
  • Lacks some of the advanced features in a high-end soundbar.

Sony HT-S350

Polk Audio Signa S2

The Sony HT-S350 soundbar is an incredible device for you if you are willing to spend a little more money. Although it is slightly costlier than most of the other budget soundbars, it has several functionalities and features that make the device worth buying.

This is a 2.1 channel soundbar that comes with its dedicated subwoofer. This subwoofer is a wireless one, so you do not have to deal with any messy cables that connect the subwoofer and the soundbar.

When you talk about the sound factor, the Sony HT-S350 soundbar produces a very punchy and dynamic sound. This is perfect if you would like to listen to music or watch a movie or TV show on your television. The 6.3-inch speaker unit situated on the wireless subwoofer does an incredible job as well at boosting your experience.

On the connections side, the soundbar includes HDMI ARC input for communication (single cable) between your soundbar and television. There is an optical input as well, along with a standard Bluetooth feature. This Bluetooth feature is very handy, allowing you to stream music from any device you want.

This soundbar is also a very sturdy device and has a superb and appealing design. The front section of the soundbar is made of metal and looks very classy and stylish.

One thing is for sure- you will get a lot of bang for your buck with the Sony HT-S350.


  • The soundbar has an excellent and durable build.
  • Dynamic sound is ideal for movie streaming.
  • You can mount the soundbar easily on the wall.


  • The soundbar is rather long and can be difficult to accommodate next to your television.
  • Slightly more costly than other best soundbar 2021 and budget soundbars.


To summarize, the best kind of soundbar with all the essential features will go a long way to improve your visual and listening experience when you are sitting in front of the television.

It is true that when you explore the market, you will come across many budget soundbars that have their own set of features and functionalities. However, to pick out the best soundbar 2021, it is in your best interest to study the reviews of the different models carefully, along with their pros and cons. That would allow you to select the device that best matches your preferences and needs.

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