Vizio Sound Bar keeps Cutting Out Issue Solved 2022

Does your Vizio sound bar keeps cutting out too frequently? That can be quite annoying especially if you are in the middle of watching a movie on the TV connected to the sound bar or playing a game! That said, there are methods you can use to find out exactly why your sound bar keeps cutting out and what you can do to solve this issue.

Vizio Sound Bar keeps Cutting Out

Now, read on to learn more about these solutions that you can employ for your Vizio sound bar:

Vizio Sound Bar keeps Cutting Out

The ideal solution if your Vizio sound bar loses sound;

If you find that your Vizio sound bar cuts out, you should know that such sound problems often occur when your Vizio sound bar (or any other sound bar) is defective or old or gets too hot while it is operational. When this happens, you will observe that your device be getting hotter that it was earlier.

According to many sound bar experts around the world, the best way to authentically verify if this is the actual problem is to turn off the device and allow it to cool down before turning it back on. When you do that, your sound bar will function for much longer before you experience the Vizio tv sound cutting out.

All Vizio sound bar models promptly shut down the amplifier to safeguard the internal board. You will observe the lights blinking on your device and behaving rather erratically which points towards this particular issue.

So what is the solution to this predicament? What you need to do is clean your Vizio sound bar. The dirt stuck in the device is often the primary reason behind the sound cutting issue.

To clean your Vizio sound bar, you can do so by spraying compressed air in device’s slots that you will find in the back.

If you wish to thoroughly clean your sound bar,you will have to open it up to clean the internal components. After you have removed all the dust, you will observe that your sound bar will become cooler and show a considerable sound improvement.

Resetting your Vizio Soundbar

Resetting your device is another great and efficient tactic you can use when the Vizio sound bar subwoofer keeps cutting out. Here you have 2 options available- you may do a hard reset of your sound bar device or a soft reset.

A soft reset is really a fancy title for the sound bar’s reboot. Keep in mind that this will not solve the problem if it is an ongoing one but might assist in resolving any random glitches you might have. If this happens tobe the first time you are experiencing this sound cutting out issue, try to turn the device off and wait for five seconds before you turn it back on.

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If this does not work for you, it might be in your best interests togo for the hard reset option to deal with the Vizio sound bar sound goes in and out issue. This hard reset is also referred to as a factory reset and aims to reset all key settings back to exactly how it was when the device came out of the main factory.

Performing a factory reset on your particular VIZIO soundbar is contingent on the exact model you have. To identify the right procedure, look for your correct model number that you will find on the VIZIO support site.

Checking the Input Connection of your Vizio Sound Bar

One probable cause why your Vizio soundbar sound drops out on a regular basis is your device’s audio can be the wired or the Bluetooth connections between the source device and your soundbar.

For games consoles and set-top boxes connected by HDMI, make sure that your cables are properly connected. If you are making use of HDMI as your source of audio input, this is not likely to be an issue unless you are also experiencing problems with the video feed from video pass through that your Vizio sound bar provides.

If your source happens to be linked by Bluetooth, there might be problems with the wireless connection. Thatcan be the crux of the issue you are facing which is your Vizio sound bar Bluetooth cutting out. Ensure that your Bluetooth device is in close proximity to your soundbar to function properly.

If you are trying to link to a smart phone device, ensure that your device is less than ten meters away from the Vizio soundbar. If your mobile phone happens to be far away like in some other room– you may hear your device’s audio cutting out as the device struggles to stay linked to your phone. This is why your Vizio sound bar skipping on Bluetooth!

Reach out to Vizio Customer Support

If none of these above-mentioned solutions work to resolve the sound cutting problems in your Vizio sound bar, it is recommended that you reach out to their customer support team and address the issue with them.

You may also contact the retailer you bought the Vizio soundbar from if you think it is faulty. If your device is still under the warranty period, the seller might arrange a repair for you or even offer a replacement!

Wrapping it Up

To summarize, you do not really need to worry if your Vizio sound bar audio keeps cutting out. This might be frustrating but as you can see, there are several ways you can use to fix this audio problem. Finally, if no solution seems to be working, it is probably best to get yourself a new sound bar!


Why does my soundbar keep cutting out?

As mentioned above, there can multiple reasons why your sound bar keeps cutting out. Whether you have a Vizio sound bar or any other mode for that matter, you might face problems with your audio if there is dust accumulated in your device, if your sound bar device is very old, if there are issues with the Bluetooth connections between the source device and the sound bar etc.

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